Had it not been for the Paris events, it would have been a perfect end to a festive Diwali week. Prayers for those affected in Paris. Our wishes for safety, peace and prosperity for the rest.
Solar action continues – few things that stood out for us:

1) Coal India invests big in solar energy

In an cool, albeit ironical announcement from the biggest fossil fuel player in the country, Coal India decides to enter the fray with 1GW of their own capacity. Welcome to the sunny side – Coal India 🙂


2) 10 Railway stations in Salem solarized

Another multi-roof solarization on the lines of UP police stations. It’s an effective way to get a lot done, quickly.
There are plans to make this bigger, faster.


3) We are not moving fast enough

In a sobering report by International Energy Agency, renewable energy is the largest source of new power in the recent years. But we are not moving fast enough to change the energy mix in away to keep the global temperatures from rising above critical levels. Unfortunately we are dealing with energy access and energy clean-up at the same time :(. Succeeding in this endeavor globally, collectively is THE biggest challenge of our times.


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