This post was written by Rohan Sharma, 2016 summer intern at Oorjan.

Does free electricity sound interesting? Here’s one of the projects which Oorjan handled recently. Not only will you be able to see the benefits of solar but also that “Solar does not work in Monsoon season” is a myth.

About 2 months ago, we at Oorjan helped finance and install rooftop solar panels at a site in Lonavala. Before the installation, our client consumed about 4000 units per month. This roughly equated to them paying a massive 56000 rupees in monthly electricity bills. At that same time, SBI bank had to invest their CSR funds to a good cause, and so came to the rescue by funding the installation of solar panels at this site. Once the panels were installed, their monthly electricity bill immediately went down to 43,000 rupees, which means that the panels saved them a total of 12,600 rupees per month or 420 rupees every day.

Along with installing solar panels we replaced 150 regular lights with LED lights, which reduced electricity demand significantly.  The 10 kW system reached 8000W in 37 of its functioning hours. The maximum wattage achieved was actually 9453W, proving that these panels, in optimum conditions, can in fact stick to its word and give you the maximum possible electricity.

And how do they perform during the monsoon?

Over the first 60 days, average daily production was 32.5 units. But this includes May, which was sunny, and June, when monsoon conditions prevailed. Separating out the statistics, average daily production for May was 40 units, which dropped to 26 units in June (a 30% reduction due to weather, mostly towards the end of the month). This tells us that despite it being Monsoon season in an already cloudy place like Lonavala, the panels were still able to produce significant amounts of electricity.

Put simply, solar is the way towards energy independence, and this path of an eco-friendly future begins now. To get started, visit our website and get your solar quote in just a few clicks.


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