Oorjan gets a few inquiries every week from housing societies (CHS) from all over Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and as well many other Cities across India. There is a considerable seriousness in intention when the project conceptualized. After all, the common space is typically enough to power ALL lights, lifts and pumps in most of the medium to tall buildings the bring the electricity bill to near ZERO.

However, we have not seen the pace of decision making from such customers, and we often see them go in circles for months.

Rooftop Solar Challenges for Housing Societies

  • In house resident “experts” in solar energy who often are not updated with the latest trends, policies, etc. are considered the most trustworthy resource by the committee;
  • Internal dynamics or conflicts between experts or groups adds to the friction;
  • Unstructured approach to manage tendering and selection processes and inability to compare the technicalities;
  • Uncertainty about the relevance of specific state policies and subsidy availability;
  • Sometimes when all is set, then financing, whether to invest and buy the system OR seek for partial loan OR pay per unit using third party investor;

All these uncertainties often leave the project stagnant or dropped, and all parties including installer lose the momentum.

Oorjan’s endeavor has always been to remove friction from the distributed solar market.

For Housing Societies, we offer a “Facilitation Package” with following features –

  1. Assessment of the current power consumption and solar feasibility
  2. Set the basic design and specification and the tendering process
  3. Financing:
    • We have co-designed a special product with IDBI Bank to provide loans;
    • Arrange investor for larger societies for pay-per-unit model basis mutually agreed terms;
  4. Oorjan’s proprietary “Track ‘n’ Share” monitoring tool where up to 50 logins would be provided to management committee members, support staff and residents;
  5. We do not bid for system installations in this facilitation package;

We are excited to assist you to get your buildings solarized in a timely and cost-effective way. If you or your society needs any assistance, please try our estimator to start with and leave a query online.  

Alternatively, if you don’t know how to start or conclude, write to us at [email protected] or call us at: 08030636150


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