A thick, acrid smog has settled over NCR over the past few weeks. While experts trace the cause to burning crops, Diwali fireworks and vehicle emissions, one significant component of Delhi’s pollution woes is power plants burning fossil fuels. As part of the reflex measures announced by the Delhi government, the Badarpur coal plant is being shut for 10 days.

As we have shown in an earlier post, switching from conventional electricity to solar power installed on your own roof will save you money every month. Switching to solar is now even more urgent, if we wish our children to grow up in a pollution-free environment.

image credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jepoirrier/5543835085


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2 Replies to “Do your bit to reduce air pollution in delhi – go solar!”

    1. Thanks for participating, Ravi! There is no single source for Delhi’s air pollution. The current spike is likely due to burning crops, Diwali fireworks and vehicle emissions. Quoting an IIT Kanpur study submitted early this year and mentioned in the news article http://www.hindustantimes.com/delhi/harmful-fly-ash-affecting-lungs-of-delhi-residents/story-CG0o13o35VCrdEIrhXKSqI.html “In summer, coal and fly ash contribute to about 30% of PM10. Unless sources contributing to fly ash are controlled, one cannot expect significant improvement in air quality.” Thus it is untrue that power plant emissions do not contribute to Delhi’s poor air quality.

      We need to act on all fronts to reduce pollution. While the government and farmers have their work cut out for them, there is much that we ordinary residents can do to contribute to a cleaner environment. Choosing our source of electricity is one of them.

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