3 kW solar panels need 270 square feet of shade free roof space and generate on average 387 units of electricity a month.

Economy Premium
Price ₹ 2,25,000 ₹ 2,58,000
Price after subsidy ₹ 1,83,000 ₹ 2,16,000
Down payment ₹ 27,450 ₹ 32,400
EMI (7 years, 10.95%) ₹ 2,659 ₹ 3,139
Electricity bill before solar ₹ 3,400
Electricity bill after solar ₹ 0

The EMI is less than the electricity bill before solar. Therefore, if you buy solar on EMI, you pay the bank every month instead of MSEDCL and still save money! After the loan is repaid, you get free electricity for the lifetime of the system (15-20 years) – no more worries about electricity inflation eating into your monthly budget!

The price after subsidy is the price you pay – no waiting or followup for subsidy disbursal.

Economy model: You recover your down payment in just 3 years in the form of less cash outflow every month!

Premium model: Dividing the price after subsidy by the electricity bill before solar gives a simple payback of 5.3 years!

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