Importance of Solar cooker

A solar cooker is a device which utilizes the solar energy to cook and heat food. It is always advantageous to use a solar cooker as they use no fuel and have less operational costs. It is also one of the fastest and convenient ways to prepare food without the use of fuels those heat up the kitchen. Solar cookers are also a great alternative to make drinking water safe. For a plethora of people who do not have access to safe drinking water, solar cookers can be used to boil the untreated water. The importance of solar cookers lies in the fact that these devices can improve the nutrition of the food. The fuel that is usually used in households irritates lungs and eyes. However, these irritations can be eliminated with the use of solar cookers. Solar cookers have moderate cooking temperatures that can preserve the nutrients. The pots that are used for solar cooking are easy to maintain. Here is the list of benefits:

The working mechanism of solar cookers

Solar cooking is achieved with the help of the UV Rays. A solar cooker absorbs the UV rays and then transforms these UV rays into infrared light rays. The solar cookers are designed in such a manner that this infrared radiation does not escape. Moreover, infrared radiation has the right energy to make water and other food particles vibrate vigorously. This vibration is responsible for heating up the food. An efficient solar cooker would retain the solar heat for maximum cooking efficiency.

There are three main parts of the solar cookers. These three components are absorption, concentration, and retention. The consistency is most often executed by the reflective panels which ensure that the UV rays concentrate on a certain point. A majority of the solar cookers are designed with reflector panels to speed up the accumulation of heat. Black interior panels usually do absorption of the solar energy. On the other hand, the principle of retention is executed by ensuring that the solar cooker is insulated in a proper manner. In other words, a solar cooker must be able to tap the heat so that it can accumulate it to heat food.

The types of solar cookers

Serial Number Types of solar cooker Description Price Capacity
1 Community Parabolic Solar Cookers It has a reflector frame size of 1.5 meters. It also comprises a supporting stand size of 40mm Rs 6,500/ per unit 68 kilograms
2 Box Solar Cooker It has a compact design and shape which is great for household purposes. It has been manufactured by keeping in mind the need of the modern day households. Rs 3,500/ per unit 34 kilograms
3 Box solar cooker for hotels It is one of those solar cookers that are widely in use in various hotels and restaurants. It has a large capacity which means that it can be used to cook food for a large number of people. Rs 3,800/ per unit 50 kilograms
4 Solar Rice Steamer It can be used for cooking of rice. It is quite easy to operate and has a longer functional life. Rs 10,000 / per unit 5 kilograms
5 Solar Dish Cooker It is suited both for commercial and domestic use. It has a sturdy and heavy construction and comprises a good quality reflective material. It can also be used for boiling and frying. It also comes with a powder coated support structure. Rs 9,500/ per unit 30 kilograms

Note: The data given in the above table is to help you to avail proper information. The actual price of the solar cookers may vary from state to state. The practical efficiency may also vary depending on the manufacturer and size of the product.

What are the benefits of using solar cookers?

Solar cooking is fast emerging as one of the most viable approaches to cook food. Here is the list of its benefits:

  1. Solar cookers do not require frequent supervision. Food in solar cookers can be left unattended for hours while other activities are pursued.
  2. Solar Cookers are usually portable, and this is the reason that a majority of households are opting for them.
  3. The solar cookers are quite easy to clean and are devoid of maintenance costs.
  4. Solar cookers are fire-free, and hence they do not cause any harm to the environment.

    Which is the best solar cooker?

Evacuated tube cookers should be the ideal choice in solar cookers as they can produce temperatures higher than 290-degree Celsius. Interestingly, these cookers can also be used even when the sky is overcast.

So if you too are interested in buying solar cookers, make sure that you buy from a reputed vendor. For further updates, please stay tuned to our blog.



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