Small Solar Panels

Small solar panels are an excellent option for powering small appliances in the absence of electricity. The small off grids systems such as solar lanterns, small solar battery banks, solar mobile charger, solar street lights, solar garden lights, etc. can be powered by these small solar panels. It is an excellent option for residential and commercial building for installing them on their rooftops without consuming the maximum part of their terrace. These small solar panels can be easily installed in the corner of their terrace. These solar panels come in a variety of watt and sizes. Here is a complete detail of the items which can be powered using the small solar panel.

What can be powered?

  Watt                          List Of Appliances
10 W Charge mobile, Wi-Fi router,
20 W Garden lights, Pond Pumps, Garden Sheds, Log Cabin Lights
40 W Small CFL lights,
50 W Small speaker, emergency light
75 W LED lights, Small fans
80 W LED lights, televisions
100 W Street Light, Water Pumping, IR Thermography
250 W Inverter, Ceiling fans
300 W Computer, washing machines
320 W Refrigerator  and other electronic appliances

All you need to know about the solar panel

Let us have a look at the detailed specifications of these small solar panels.

Watt Operating Voltage/ Power Price
10   W 21.4 V INR 600
20   W 21.4 V INR 1200
50   W 21.3 V INR 2750
100 W 21.4 V INR 4800
150 W 22.5 V INR 6900
200 W 44.40 V INR 9200
300 W 37.25 V INR 11000
500 W 45.70 V INR 15000

Note: The data given in the above table is to help you to avail proper information. The actual price of the small solar panels may vary from state to state. The practical efficiency may also vary depending on the manufacturer and size of the product.

Solar Panel Price for Homes

Small solar panels are a perfect fit for homes. The size of the solar panels is suitable for installing solar rooftop at your homes. Check out the detailed description of solar panel for  

Advantages of small solar panels

  1. Can be used for powering small items

    These smaller solar panels can be used for powering smaller electrical household items where there is an absence of electricity. For example, you can use a 200-watt solar panel for powering a CFL bulb and a small fan. They can also be being used for powering a street light.

  2. Affordable

    The small solar panels come in a reasonable price. You can easily install them in your homes or any other place and save on your electricity bills for a lifetime.

  3. Compact

    Since these solar panels come in a small size, they can be easily installed at any corner of the terrace without consuming much space. They can be easily installed on a rooftop. For example, you can go for the 100w solar panel which can be mounted on the top of a street light for powering it.


What is the maintenance cost of small solar panels?

They require little maintenance, such as cleaning of debris or dust which are collected on top of the panel.

Can small solar panels be mounted on rooftops?

Yes. Since they are smaller in size, they can be easily mounted on the rooftops after calculating the size of the rooftop and the required solar panel.


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