Solar Portable Appliances

Portable Solar appliances refer to those technologies which can be carried with us to meet our emergency needs. By emergency, it means shortage of electricity supply, or going for a camping at any remote places where there is no source of electricity for charging your mobile or GPS, and even no supply of fuel for cooking. In portable solar appliances, there is no hassle of wire for which they are an ideal choice for carrying from one place to another. Let us have a look at some of the portable solar appliances.

Solar Stove

Solar stoves are powered by the solar energy and can be used for cooking even in the most remote places on earth where there is no source of electricity or fuel. They are of sturdy design with excellent finish and also have the optimum technology. Here are some of the primary advantages of using solar stoves:

  1. Can be used for boiling, baking or frying anything without electricity or fuel.
  2. Can reach up to 360 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and work just like ovens.
  3. They are affordable. You can buy this solar stove for a small price such as INR 4000-5000 approximately.

Solar Tubes

Another excellent portable solar product is the solar tube. Solar tubes are a dome-like structure that is mounted on your rooftop which allows sunlight to enter your house or office. Bringing natural light straight into your office or home will help you physically as well as psychologically. It reduces eye strain. The solar tubes block the UV rays from the sunlight so that it doesn’t harm you. Here are some of the major benefits of solar tubes.

  1. UV filtered sunlight enters your home
  2. The unique condensation system prevents moisture build up
  3. There is no chance of water leakage even if it is installed on your roof
  4. It is maintenance free
  5. Any structural change isn’t required

Benefits of Solar tubes over the skylight

A solar tube costs much cheaper than a skylight. A skylight requires drywall, new paint along with the alteration of the frame. The solar tubes can be directly installed at your rooftop without any reconstructions in your property. They are an environment- friendly option for mounting lights on rooftop without being heavy on your pockets.

What are solar charging backpacks?

Are you going for hiking where you would get no source of electricity for charging your electronic devices? Let it be your camera battery or your GPS device, charging electronic devices is a major problem for trekkers, but the solution to it is a solar backpack. Get your electronic device charged while continuing with your adventures. They are available in a variety of design and prices. Keep on reading to find out about the backpacks and their usage.

Solar Backpack

Removable Panel: No


Best for: Hikers

Volume: 35 liters
Battery: 3000 mAh
Devices: Smartphone, tablets, GPS devices
Features: Double Zipper
Pros: Affordable
Cons: Not waterproof
Price: INR 3500

Solar Charging Backpack


Best for: Office-goers, travelers
Removable Panel: Yes
Volume: 30 liters
Battery: 5w Li-on battery
Devices: Laptop, smartphone, tablet
Features: Laptop sleeve
Pros: Removable panel
Cons: Not waterproof
Price: INR 3000

Apart from this, you will get a wide range of products to choose from in portable solar appliances to fit all your needs.



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