Solar panels for home

Solar panel for homes is becoming one of the major sources of renewable energy for the household. They are the buzzing technology in solar power systems and don’t require a lot of maintenance. All you need to do is to keep them relatively clean. Solar power systems in homes can also be used to power up a variety of appliances.

Price of different types of Solar Home Power Systems

Here is the list of prices of various types of solar home power systems with their components:

Solar Home System Off-Grid Home System – 1KW
It will contain 1000W panels, 2 x 125Ah Battery, 1 KVA inverter, mounting and cabling.

It does not require net metering and can support light loads of fans, lights, TV, mobile charging. It will not support fridge, pumps, etc

System price ~ Rs. 1,00,000 – 1,20,000


Solar Home System Off-Grid Home System – 5KW

It will contain 5000W panels, 8 x 150Ah Battery, 5-6 KVA inverter, mounting and cabling.

It does not require net metering and can support light loads of fans, lights, TV, mobile charging, fridge, microwave, cooler, upto 3HP pump and 1-1.5 Ton Inverter AC. It will not support traditional AC. Also when inverter AC is turned on, the pumps and any other heavy load will not work. It will support the above loads from 4-8 hours.

System price ~ Rs. 4,00,000 – 5,00,000


Solar Home System On-Grid Home System – 3KW

It will contain 3000W panels, NO Battery, 3KW solar inverter, mounting and cabling. This system requires net metering.

All appliances of your house will work on this system, as it directly works in the same circuit as the grid. Typically, 3KW system will be 1-phase across the country. This system does not provide protection against power cuts, but drastically reduces your power bills.

System price ~ Rs. 1,80,000 – 2,20,000

Solar calculator

With the help of a solar calculator, you can easily determine the expected installation cost of a solar panel system in the region.  It will also provide you with total savings you can make in case your solar connection is not connected to the main electric grid. and helps you to be aware about the number of solar units you require. You can also check your solar power requirements with the help of Oorjan Estimator.

Steps to follow before purchasing a solar panel for home

There are various aspects involved in buying a solar panel for home. Here is a list of things to consider before purchasing a solar panel.

Check the area of your rooftop

It is one of the critical factors in case you want to install solar panels on your rooftop. If your roof is covered in the shade most of the day, then it is not a good idea to go forward with the installation of solar panels. Make sure that you have a solid roof for the smooth installation of the solar panel. It is also important for you to calculate the area of your rooftop so that you can install the right solar panel at your home.

Check your regular spends on electricity

Before installing solar panels for your home, you should always be observant about your monthly electricity bills and note the individual power consumed by your regular appliances.

Choosing the right solar panel for you with the help of Oorjan Estimator

With the help of the Oorjan Estimator, you can quickly calculate how much power (in watts) you require in your home. Moreover, it would also help you to figure the size of the solar panel required as per your roof area.

Check for the schemes on net metering in your area

The solar net metering is usually meant for those consumers whose energy consumption on certain days or week is nil or quite low as compared to other days. If your energy consumption is less, then the energy produced by solar panels would be transferred to the main grid of your local electricity system. In this manner, you would be credited in your monthly electricity bill for feeding power to the main grid. This is the reason you should contact your local power supplier to know more about the schemes of net metering.

Choose your installer/supplier wisely

The selection of the vendor plays a crucial role in the success of your solar power system. You should choose a trustworthy and certified supplier of solar panels for an efficient installation of solar power system at your homes.

FAQs related to solar panels for homes

What is the cost of solar panel systems for home?

It is based on the solar panel system and size. You can take help of the Oorjan calculator to calculate the cost of solar panel systems for your home. The Oorjan calculator would also help you to calculate the size of the solar panel.

What is the time required to install solar panels in your home?

Once all the necessary checks are completed, the solar panel installation only takes a few days. However, the exact process is dependent on a variety of factors. For instance, if you are installing net metering, then this process would take additional time until the solar panels are connected to the grid. 

What are some offers for financing one’s solar panel system for home?

Oorjan through their dedicated partnerships with multiple banks and lending institutions facilitate finance for your solar panel system purchase. Currently, lot of bungalow owners are going solar by availing Low Cost EMI loan offer.

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