Solar Refrigerator

A solar refrigerator runs directly by the power absorbed in the solar panels via solar energy. The basic functioning of the solar fridge is similar to all the traditional refrigerators, but the fine line of difference is its power source. It helps in saving your electricity bills and is an ideal choice for the places where there is a lack of electrical power supply. For having enough energy, the solar panel needs to get at least 5 hours of sunlight daily. It can also store the extra amount of sunlight in its panels to power the refrigerator for a week. Most of the solar-powered refrigerators come with a supplement battery for backup.

Functioning of a solar refrigerator

Now, there is typically three kinds of solar refrigeration system, they are:

  1. Photovoltaic operated refrigeration system
  2. Solar mechanical refrigeration
  3. Absorption refrigeration

In these refrigeration systems, the refrigerator works quite the same way as a traditional refrigerator by using a vapor-compression system for cooling. The conventional refrigerator uses a power grid to run their moving parts, but in case of a solar-powered refrigerator, the refrigerators are plugged into a solar panel setup. 

Benefits of using a refrigerator running on Solar Energy

Here are some of the considerable benefits of using solar refrigerator:

You become immune to power cut:
If you suffer from frequent power cuts at your place, then solar refrigerator is the perfect choice for you. Since they would be running on solar power, your food and other items would still be cold even if there is no electricity.

Energy efficient:
To operate solar refrigerators, all that you will need is a single 250 watt panel and a couple of deep cycle batteries. These solar refrigerators are specifically designed to maximise the energy efficiency.

Safe and clean energy source:
Running on just solar power, it is the most reliable and purest form of energy. These refrigerators are mostly of 12 volts, so the chances of accidents related to traditional ways of power are almost null.

Easy installation:
If you have an existing solar system installed at your place, then you can plug it with the current batteries, and your refrigerator is ready to go.

Free maintenance:
Unlike traditional refrigerators, there is no need of any fuel or gas.

You can choose from a variety of solar powered refrigerators available in the market. Check out the table below for the generic prices of different variants of solar refrigerator in the market.

Type Temperature Voltage Capacity Price
Portable Solar refrigerator -19 to +10 12/24V 250 Litres INR 1.45 Lakhs
Solar Deep Freezer -18 to 43 C 12 V -24 V DC 240 litres INR 90000
Solar Fridge -10 to 40 C 12 volt 165 Litres INR 1.08 Lakhs
Solar Freezer -15 to 30 C 12 volt 150 liters INR 55000

Note: The data given in the above table is to help you to avail proper information. The actual price of the solar refrigerator may vary from state to state. The practical efficiency may also vary depending on the manufacturer and size of the product.

Solar powered refrigerators are an ideal choice for the rural places for storing food or medicine. You can even go for the portable refrigerators which can be easily carried while hitting off the road.


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May 21, 2019

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