About Solar Consultants

The job role of any consultant is to help an organization or individual to create value, solve issues, improve their business performance and expand their growth. And just like any the other consultants, the job role of a solar consultant is also the same, i.e., to provide guidance to the solar companies. The work of solar consultants is divided into two parts, one is technical, and the other is marketing.

  1. Technical consultant

    They are the ones who provide drawings, design and engineering plans of the solar module manufacturing facilities and the solar plants.  

  2. Marketing consultant

The job role of a marketing consultant includes preparing techno-commercial reports, DPRs, selection, and evaluation of vendors and much more.

There are plenty of companies which appoint freelance consultants for getting impartial project recommendation and opinion. So, the job of solar consultants is to technically and commercially assess the solar companies to make the investment and make strategic decisions. Doing market research and following the market trends is an important part of the job role of a solar consultant.

Job Description of solar consultants in India

  1. Project proposal preparation, interacting with solar PV clients and vendors, DPRs, market research
  2. Designing and developing the policy and regulatory framework for the deployment of the utility-scale and rooftop PV.
  3. Managing the tender and bids of the solar PV panel
  4. Studying the techno-commercial feasibility and assessing resource for the Solar PV project.
  5. Preparing engineering drawings and designs.
  6. Providing consultation support to the agencies and the state level entities for program developing and design as well as providing implementation support to solar PV projects, rooftop PV, solar parks, and etcetera.

Business ideas for solar consulting companies in India

Over the years, the demand for solar-powered energy has noticeably increased. Moreover, it has also created a lot of job and business opportunities for the people. Let us have a look at the advantages of working as a solar consultant and why it is a wise choice:

  1. The solar market is still growing

    If you see around, you can find that there is substantial growth in the installation of solar panels than before. So, people who are getting interested after knowing about the benefits of solar would definitely like to go for some consultation before installing the solar panel.

  2. Area in demand

    Though not all part are still adequately educated about solar, there is a rise in demand for a solar consultant who could help them to understand about the benefits of using solar and also advise for business planning.

  3. Go online

    People are getting dependent on online consulting. So, selling your service online would be a great opportunity to raise your business quickly. Moreover, whenever you go online, you can reach out to more customers than just the locals.

Signing up for consultation

Visit installer.oorjan.com for easily registering as a network installer. There you can get promising leads, PPA and Loan financing for the customers along with solar kits and IoT monitoring dashboard for tracking your system. Moreover, with the help of the solar installer platform, you will also get:

  • Your entity listed as one of our network installers
  • Building a closed network with qualified installers.
  • HQ leads of a particular city with detailed contact such as roof area, loan requirement, system size
  • Email marketing for enhancing your engagement during the lengthy solar buying cycle.

Pricing details for consultants

At Oorjan, you can easily start your business as a solar consultant with our gold package which gives you lucrative benefits for a mere price of INR 15000 per year only. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a growing business.

Grab your opportunities now!

Keep in touch with oorjan.com to stay updated on all solar related news.


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May 21, 2019

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  1. I want to install solar power plant in my roof top and in vacant land. so want to know the cost of the project and area required.

  2. I want to install power plant in my factory as i am consuming nearly Rs. 7 to 8 lakhs worth of EB from TNEB. I would like to solar power
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