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As the summer season is approaching soon, sunlight for longer time period would lead to generation of more electricity from solar panels. To help leverage it, Oorjan  is running a promotional offer for residential rooftop owners. As per the offer, residential customers can avail easy EMI loan for 06-24 months at low cost of 0-9% interest rate for going solar through Oorjan

“Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun”
— Brian Wilson 


Truly, each summer season brings surplus of fresh energy, enthusiasm and fun time for the family. Lot of families have already planned vacation trips with children to newer places. While, the smart generation children are looking forward to learn new things and explore newer hobbies. The young adults are planning to bring new vehicles in the parking lot.  More importantly, the jewellery purchase for lady of the house is also due for quite some time. Thus, money in the bank is demanding investment into varied avenues by family for delightful memories and unique experiences.

As head of the family, respective people are happily incurring these expenses. However, they feel the need to judiciously manage and control unwanted expenses. One such is the monthly electricity bill. And as seen on oorjan.com / calculator it can be reduced by up to 90% if solar panels are installed on residence rooftop.  Since it requires one-time capital expenditure, the decision to take that up keeps getting delayed.
Thus, for getting the family to enjoy the green title of clean and sustainable energy adopters, an easy EMI option sounds sensible and doable.

The Easy EMI option

Oorjan has introduced the concept of easy EMIs to bring this relatively higher investment amount down to a smaller number. Thereby, having little to no impact on your planned expenses for the family.  As per the scheme, one can avail easy EMIs for 06-24 months at 0-9% interest rate for adopting solar. As a next step, you can see detailed information customised for your residence over here.

Even though you might be on vacation at some part of the world during summer, the solar panels installed by Oorjan would continue generating electricity. And the electricity provider would compensate you with energy credits which are then settled against your current and future energy consumption. Voila! Isn’t it a smart way for adopting clean and sustainable energy! As it is a limited time offer, Oorjan Solar experts are busier than ever helping families go solar for their residence rooftop. So, don’t miss this opportunity to book your roof assessment survey on oorjan.com and the chance to go solar, the smart way!

Please keep following documents handy for quick processing and instant approval for easy EMI loan:

  • Aadhar and PAN card
  • 2 years ITR
  • 6 month bank statement, for business owners
  • 3 month salary slips, for salaried professionals

For more queries or additional information, please reach out to us by requesting callback on our website. Alternatively, you can email us on [email protected]

For people interested to start and grow their solar business, please check partners tab on our website

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